ADECCO – SPRING PROFESSIONAL workers’ integration meeting

Boys’ Boarding House, The Educational Centre for Blind Children in Laski

Material of Spring Professional, 07.2016

During the last Thursday and Friday of July 2016, ADECCO Poland launched their new brand SPRING PROFESSIONAL. Their arrival to the Polish market was marked by a two-day event centering around integration and schooling with CSR elements.

For two days the SPRING team, consisting of around 100 people, engaged in educationaland recreational activities, as well as helping those from The Educational Centre for Blind Children in Laski. The team were introduced to the Centre’s history and work during a documentary they watched on their trip from Warsaw to Laski.

The first day began with a game aiming to enhance communication, as well as integration and teamwork. SONY DSCThe SPRING team could, by partaking in this game, better understand each other’s reactions, thought processes and engagement in problem solving, as well as being able to cooperate by thinking strategically when aiming for a joint goal. They were divided into groups with each member being responsible for conveying messages as clearly as possible. By discussing the game afterwards with a specialist the team could reflect upon their efforts both at the level of individual groups as well the firm in general.

Having fSONY DSCinished this activity, the members of SPRING were divided into different groups and supplied with the necessary equipment to carry out cleaning and maintenance work for the Centre. After merely three hours of the volunteers’ efficient teamwork, the windSONY DSCows of the boys’ dorm were spotless, the playground and pavement had been cleared of weeds, lawns were mowed and fruits collected from the orchard were made into a marmalade.

Somewhat tired, but in a good mood, the members ate dinner and moved to the nearby scenic hotel for the next part of their event.

SONY DSCRefreshed and energized, everyone spent the evening at a barbeque and team-building activities allowing ADECCO SPRING staff to further their bonds within the team by sharing their passions and hobbies.

The first day was concluded by bowling, singing and dancing at the disco, which lasted long into the night.

The second day was reserved for internal training. After breakfast they team departed for the ADECCO headquarters where they often reminisced about the previous day’s events. During a break the team happily watched photos from their accomplishments.


Family-run orphanage in Mrągowo

foto_1 Integration in the Masurian Lakes attended more than 30 people from the Audit Department one of the biggest foreign audit firms in Poland. People every day working with elegant, air-conditioned offices, during the renovation of the family home in Mrągowo, on newly discovered natural taste of teamwork. Fatigue and muscle pain compensated for them, however, the smiles on the faces of young residents of the facility, foto_2 and satisfaction with the work done was a huge and unprecedented by early organized industry-leading printer business.

Company officials describe the trip “bull’s-eye” and claimed that “completely broken away from professional affairs, better know each other and have integrated, and by the way look at life from a different perspective.” Many people working together for a single social order has shown new talents and those of colleagues and the range of usual undisclosed in the office, Mrągowo_przed (2)foto_4also observed by staff of the managing authority, which could completely and lot of basis rate this predisposition.

Participants departure inclusive lived in the elegant hotel in Mrągowo. During the three-day stay in the city associated with Country Picnic, after hard work during the day, they lacked energy for evening entertainment: IMG_1340 dinner in the Masurian Lake District of the sky, roast sausages and barbecue, karaoke, and, above all, a party in the style of country music, “live”, with the participation of the dance team, in a specially reserved for this purpose restaurants West House.

Ernst_YoungThe integration was very positively evaluated by both the employees of the company and its management, as well as appreciated by the grateful beneficiaries of the action.

Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring a weekend trip inclusive of organised in the capital of Warmia, a group of coleques from one of Warsaw audit firm participated in the work for Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn, we offer repair children club. These works have to be carried out very smoothly and rapidly, due to both location and the relatively short time allotted by the company for the trip inclusive. All components of the project have to be so bitter to the last minute, with no chance for eventual delays or improvisations.

Extremely short time of realization of the project showed how important is efficient9 teamwork and emphasized both the strongest and weakest features the band as a whole and its individual members.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoy to terminally ill children caused by a view of the new color space in his home and “their” only hospital within two days cancelled out the physical fatigue of participants of the project. Surprise for children were new furniture and equipment purchased by the company in Exchange for existing, already heavily worn.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Despite the hard days are spent, all participants in the project have still plenty on pre-planned by the Organizer in the evening attractions – the Gala Dinner in the restaurant on the bank of one of the Olsztyn lakes, rejuvenate in the hotel’s SPA or night tour of the city.

4Results Christmas meeting in Warsaw

ep-143-214x214For Warsaw’s consulting company Dębek Agency organized a Christmas Meeting, whose purpose was, among other things, how to bring jobs to the families and children of their employees.

Meeting was held in the corporate office, which, on one evening turned into a real family house, fragrant Christmas tree and gingerbreads lit lights, insulated kindled fireplace and sounding Christmas music. Employees are not acquainted with his office and their guests enviedep-5-214x214 them so charming.

Both small and large and parachuted together painted gingerbread, painted lanterns and have been doing Christmas reeds that beautifully packaged constitute charming, hand-made gifts star for coming.

ep-40-214x214All praised very tasty catering, homemade dishes prepared with a heart by two brilliant cook whose work effects the meeting described as follows: “The catering was superb!”, “Long time such good things I ate!” “Gingerbread with marmalade my daughter a big hug before you eat”.

The highlight of the event was a visit to Santa Claus button gifts not only children, but adults, who gave them to the organizer of the event. ep-161-214x214 In addition to the evening was the auction made lanterns and gingerbread. Parents actively was buying things made by their children, because they knew that the collected money will be earmarked for a worthy cause-helping disabled girl with large poor family. Thanks so the open attitude of the employees of the company were able to share happiness and joy to a person injured by fate, which would not have a chance to spend enjoyable holidays.

According to all the participants of the event, it was a very successful meeting.Referencje_4Results

Citibank International Ltd workers’ integrational meeting, Orphanage in Chotomów

  SONY DSC More than 30 people made up the international team of Citibank International Ltd workers who, in July 2015, took part in a two day integrational meeting during which they had the chance to work together helping the orphanage in Chotomow, by finishing off crucial work already began there in the spring by a different group of business entrepreneurs.

During that summer’s day the volunteers readily arrived at the garden where they laid the soil behind the orphanage, preparing it for sowing grass.

Despite the work appearing seemingly easy, the land was laden with weeds whichSONY DSC required a full team’s effort and a lot of energy to clear. Luckily, the weather was on their side with even the warm, passing rain being a relief for the volunteers by naturally regulating their breaks.

And, in fact, these breaks were filled with activities too: Sister Jolanta talking about the history and work of the orphanage whilst sharing coffee and delicious, home-made cookies in the garden house. Everyone could rest and chit-chat about topics not generally discussed in the workplace, sharing opinions and experiences, and, during dinner, feast upon fresh traditionally Polish “jagodzianki” – a type of blueberry bread roll whichDSC07122' reminded everyone of their childhood.

The members of the team, who, day-to-day, do not necessarily work together, had a chance to catcSONY DSCh up or even meet new members of their firm. The surrounding nature aided pleasant conversation and stress-free resting. Despite being physically tired, the team got huge satisfaction from their work which rejuvenated them and helped them spend time together, in a ‘folk’ manner, in the Hotel Klepisko near the Zegrzynski Broad. They grilled sausages and stayed, long into the night, around the campfire.SONY DSC

The meeting exceed the expectations of the participants, and surprised them with its effectiveness. With time, the experience also proved valuable for the group’s relations by strengthening communication and teamwork.

Participants’ opinions (taken from survey):

  • Great teamwork for a good cause.
  • A fantastic way to integrate the team and meet people.
  • I liked the possibility of aiding those in need, realizing that help is necessary and expected.
  • Completing a joint effort not linked to everyday office work.
  • Delicious home-made cakes!
  • A fantastic atmosphere and involvement from volunteers.

Druk Firmowy workers’ integration meeting in Kampinoski National Park

SONY DSCThe management team of Doradcy Druku was searching for an idea for an integration meeting which would be both interesting, original and in agreement with the company’s efforts. The Dębek Agency proposed an integrationvent in the Kampinoski National Park.

In May 2016, the workers had a chance to spend time together, working for the greater good of the surrounding environment in a fantastic, natural setting as the spring sun did not disappoint. The day began with the managers of the team presenting the new name, logo and internal comSONY DSCpany goals. The specially created workshops for enhancing teamwork were prepared by an experienced coach, thanks to whom everyone found their own communication skills and improved their functioning under a time restraint.

SONY DSCA movie about the flora and fauna of the Kampinoski National Park served as a prelude to the field work which took place in this beautiful, natural area. After this introduction, the volunteers, armed with gloves and necessary equipment, under the careful eye of the forest guide, set off to work were they were to clear plants which upset the balance of the ecosystem, such as clearing an American oak which had been negatively impacting the national ‘noble’ oak.

After three hours of work, the hungry participants ate a delicious dinner under the clear sky, surrounded by the true green of the forest. Full and relaxed, they were surprised by their management team, who had prepared certificates and prizes for distinguished workers as well as treating them to a cake.

SONY DSCA representative of the national park also handed out certificatesReferencje_Druk_Firmowy' to the managers of the firm whilst thanking them for their work which helped the natural environment. Late into the night, everyone had fun: singing with an accompanying guitar or taking part in earlier planned integrational games which allowed for everyone to familiarize themselves with their co-workers. There was no end to the joking and laughter and… we were very pleased with the success of the event and the positive opinions of the volunteers.

CISCO international integration meeting, Orphanage in Krakow

SONY DSCAlmost 40. people from the Krakow’s part of CISCO took part in an unorthodox one-day integrational meeting during which the members-turned-volunteers painted over 100 metres of fencing encircling the Jan Brzechwa Orphanage in Krakow. Later, along with underage mothers – the true beneficiaries of this project – they participated in specially planned evening attractions.

The international group spent a couple hours on the painting job during this sunny June20150612_104058' day. They took full advantage of the delicious snacks offered to them whenever on a break, enjoy the outdoors whilst they ate.

SONY DSCIn the evening, the volunteers shared a fantastic barbeque dinner with the underage mothers who live at the orphanage, and later all took part in activities and games which had earlier been planned by coaches specializing in the subject of change and the possibilities stemming from it.

These couple of hours spent together proved to be a very successful form of integration20150612_171253' which aroused many memorable emotions. The outside ambience and teamwork in small groups helped all those involved in creating strong bonds, as well as in aiding in a shift of perspectives. By jointly making use of the experience, despite some aspects of it being hard, the group took away many important lessons.

SONY DSCThanks to the activities, the young mothers were able to regain confidence and rediscovered their strong attributes. These will, without a doubt, be useful when dealing with challenges in later life. Those from the CISCO branch, however, became convinced of their capabilities and the added benefits that come from working together. The integration of the young mothers added value to the meeting, giving greater meaning and depth to the already successful event.

A surprise, in the form of presents for the young mothers, gifted by the volunteers, rounded off the meeting. The gifts included make-up, healthy snacks and toys for their little ones.

 They reciprocated with great thanks and cards for the lead CISCO representatives and Referencje od CISCOgave heart-shaped cookies personalized with the individuals’ names. The meeting was positively received by all involved – the young mothers claiming it as “the best event in their lives”, and the volunteers from CISCO feeling fulfilled by their time spent together to the point of expressing further interest in similar events.

BGŻ BNP Paribas Bank has helped the  Joanna Radziwill Caring Wings Foundation


20170908_BGZ BNP' (243)At the beginning of September 2017 we were rewarded with sunny and warm weather for our three week BGŻ BNP Paribas Bank integration. The weather was ideal for the volunteering the participants were to undertake, having to revitalise a garden intended for the use of children under the care of the Caring Wings Foundation.

   Despite the welcoming party finishing late on a Friday, everyone got up on Saturday 20170908_BGZ BNP' (194)morning, keen for the educational meeting after which they set off for the headquarters of the Foundation. The team were responsible for planting new flowers and trees, repainting the old garage as well as renewing old garden equipment. One group assembled a trampoline, another cleaned windows, and all were thrilled due to the noble cause they were carrying out.received_10208720037153037

During a break from work, the CEO of the Foundation thanked those volunteering for their work, presents, as well as for financing the repair of the pavement and creating a fantastic new garden. 20170908_BGZ BNP' (205)

As the evening neared to a close, somewhat tired but, nonetheless, satisfied from their efforts, the team returned to their hotel, where they could relax, taking full advantage of the pool, spa and near-by thermal baths.

Supper was followed by a disco, which featured karaoke and other surprises. This fun20170908_BGZ BNP' (296) lasted long into the night, but no one was worried, as there was ample opportunity for sleeping in the following morning.

20170908_BGZ BNP'-11The integration trip was concluded with breakfast on Sunday, but plans concerning the Foundation of Joanna Radziwiłł were more future-oriented, with those under her care soon going to visit the headquarters of the bank in order to familiarize themselves with the work of those who helped in creating their garden.

22528367_1883660911648159_273168418753176544_n22540228_1883660681648182_4592065718934440603_nThe children arrived at the bank on 16th October 2017. They brought an atmosphere of happiness and excitement into a serious environment, which awakened the curiosity of the bank workers. Let’s hope that the effects of this meeting will stand all involved in good stead.


The effects of the September volunteering experience, however,  will be most noticeable in the spring of 2018, when the flowers will sprout and new leaves form, bringing with themselves colour and hope.622669