We integrate with the involvement of the teams through effective, liberating creativity and awakening the desire to act, and, at the same time, socially valuable company events, and projects. Often the added value of these projects is to help people injured by fate.

foto_7I have seen about the advantages of combining events with charitable initiatives. My previous professional experience has demonstrated that such projects are extremely effective, have a positive influence on the culture of the Organization and the ethos of work, reduce barriers and cultural prejudices and professional workers and, above all, allow you to build a good team. Participation in this kind of industry-leading printer gives a lot of satisfaction and brings very good results for both employees and their employers, companies, and individuals, which carried a real support.
I am not popular for this kind of events, rides, quad bike or paint-ball, because adrenaline in everyday working life and so we have all too. I’m trying to unleash and channel positive human energy, using at the same time, the skills and strengths of employees to, in effect, make the joy of another man, and thus give the satisfaction of something, then it is a trail for longer.

It’s a novel approach to the way leisure time meets with increasing interest by business people who want to gain distance for professional or look at them from a different perspective, we undertake to work quite unusual for them, being a springboard from everyday life. Active, enterprising, good earning, but at the same time very busy and stressed out employees of corporations usually live under the proverbial “jar”, not having the knowledge that somewhere live people functioning on the verge of poverty; IMG_1245the people who for one allowance must keep a large family, people experienced severe diseases or orphaned children, missing for the warm hearth. Only direct contact with these problems gives the distance to each other and helps noted their own happiness, which have not noticed in too intensive colors. With such experience , employees usually come out mentally stronger, calmer, showing more empathy and understanding for other people, satisfied with the sharing of good and, above all, more integrated in the Group and knew how to work better with each other.

In carrying out this kind of added value for the company is wigilia_1 the creation of the positive image of the social (CSR), in which the disregard cannot today afford no organization. Increasing importance is given to social issues, and companies want to be seen not only in the context of their commercial activities, but also to be positively associated with charity and with direct participation in the development of the local life.

I approach every project individually, to eventually propose the Organization as the most effective solution, which will have a positive effect on the integration of the team and will give satisfaction to all participants of the project.

Preparing the events from the initial idea after its final implementation, taking into account logistical detail.

Always I work with carefully chosen people, whose competence, skills, their principles and responsible approach to the tasks I’m absolutely sure. I am convinced that integrating the team can be an effective and satisfying at the same time, and the cost of his organization disproportionately low in relation to the effects!

Małgorzata Dębek